Top WordPress Page Builder Plugins with Drag & Drop

So, you want to make your website, but you have no experience with coding or anything like that.

Even though you want to hire a web design business in Miami, something tells you that you should try doing it yourself first. In addition, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

Here’s some good news for you: WordPress page builders allow you to create, alter, and change your site’s layout without writing any code.

WordPress has made it simple to edit and construct a website. Its simple features are also why you no longer need to have any technical understanding of web development or coding.

You can construct pages in a couple of minutes with the right page builder, saving yourself hours of sighs and migraines.

What’s the Deal with WordPress Page Builder Plugins that Drag and Drop?

If you’re new to WordPress, you should know that your website’s look is mostly determined by the theme you choose. Although most premium themes come with many customization options, they can be too complicated for non-technical users.

Drag and drop plugins come to the rescue in this situation.

You don’t need fancy tools or know-how to create gorgeous custom layouts and landing pages on your website using a simple WordPress page builder plugin. It allows you to add any form of content by dragging and dropping ready-made drag-and-drop elements, including modules, widgets, and blocks.

You have complete control over the layout of your pages. You’ll be able to create the website of your dreams by simply customizing, moving, and arranging the content pieces.

Who says you need to be a web developer to accomplish this? WordPress is not one of them!

Choosing the Best Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

Deciding which WordPress site builder is best for you can be difficult, especially because there are many options. However, bear the following in mind as you consider your options:

  • Compatibility

If you want to keep your present theme, look for a page builder compatible with it. Otherwise, you’ll have problems with your design seeming off and mismatched.

  • SEO stands for “search engine optimization” (SEO)

A website’s SEO should be strong to run properly and rank well in search results. As a result, you should use a page builder plugin with an SEO feature.

  • Customization is simple.

An excellent WordPress page builder allows you to design and customize your website in real-time easily. Choose a plugin with a visual builder that includes templates, styling choices, and other content features.

  • Mobile-Friendliness

Because billions of people increasingly use their phones to explore the internet, it’s only natural that you’ll require a mobile-responsive site builder.

So, what are your top five alternatives? Check it out below!

The plugins we’ve selected here contain all of the necessary qualities described above and are the most popular picks of web developers, designers, digital marketers, and bloggers.

Here they are, without further ado

  1. SeedProd

You may choose from 100+ attractive pre-made layouts or use SeedProd’s drag-and-drop builder to create a completely bespoke design.

SeedProd includes everything you need for pre-built sales pages, landing pages, coming soon pages, 404 pages, and webinar pages. And, unlike the rest of the WP page builders, it ensures that your pages load quickly, which can help you rank higher in search results.

Because SeedProd includes a smart design approach, you’ll be able to save a tonne of time by reusing elements instead of repeating chores.

  1. Beaver Architect

Beaver Builder, a user-friendly and simple-to-navigate drag-and-drop page builder, comes in second.

The live editor is one of its biggest features, as it allows you to see all of your edits in real-time. You can construct a landing page in minutes by dragging and dropping content modules like sliders, content blocks, and carousels and galleries.

Beaver Builder’s UI is exceptionally easy to navigate, which is another reason it is well-liked by millions of people worldwide. It won’t take long for you to become used to it, and you may begin their onboarding tour as soon as you’re ready.

It also includes over 30 professionally designed landing page templates, making it faster and easier to develop stunning layouts. All you have to do now is replace the sample material with your own, and you’re done!

  1. Divi

The Divi Builder is a sophisticated drag-and-drop WP page builder that will make your web design life easier. Like SeedProd and Beaver Builder, Divi lets you preview your design as you go.

You’ll have access to the Elegant Themes bundle of premium items because the plugin is at the heart of the Divi WordPress theme. It can, however, be used with any other theme.

You can change almost everything, including colours, fonts, spacing, and sizing. You have 46 possibilities for content modules, which you may drag and drop wherever in your layout. The advanced design parameters for each part can then be used to personalize it further.

  1. Elementor

Elementor is ranked fourth on this list, with over two million active instals.

This visual drag and drop page builder plugin is quick and simple to use and allows you to view your changes in real-time as you make them. Building and personalizing your dream website will be a breeze with more than 100 ready-to-use landing page templates.

Another amazing feature of Elementor is that it allows users to undo and redo their changes. You no longer have to be concerned about making mistakes since you can always go back and correct them.

You can also look at your material’s earlier and original versions if you have a revision history. But, once you’ve stored a new version, can you go back to a previous one? Absolutely!

  1. Visual Composer

Finally, Visual Composer, a complete site builder excellent for beginners and developers wishing to customize their websites, rounds off the list.

This user-friendly WordPress plugin comes with a drag-and-drop builder, professional templates, a slew of site-building tools, and many ready-to-use content elements.

Visual Composer, like its competitors, when developing a website, delivers a real front-end editing experience. It’s one of only two plugins, along with SeedProd, that allows users to customize every landing page component, including the logo, menus, headers, sidebars, and footers.